Elite Motor Tune - BMW
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As a specialist in German vehicles we see many BMW cars on a regular basis. We are able to service and maintain these vehicles in a cost-effective manner and to a very high standard, with your manufacturer warranty being unaffected. We have seen many unusual models such as Alpinas, early cars such as the CSL and even the very rare Z1.


Recent BMW models have arguably the hardest of service schedules to follow. The fully flexible plan gives a set time and mileage for every filter to be changed and every operation to be performed. To many BMW owners this can present an inconvenience as jobs may arise shortly after one another, and we recognise this can be a problem. As an alternative approach we can carry out a fixed service schedule of alternating oil and full services if desired. Or we can follow the BMW schedule as closely as possible but group imminent jobs together, saving you several visits to the garage.

Older Models

Older models have active service indicators displaying the terms Oil Service, Inspection 1 and Inspection 2. We can follow these schedules to manufacturer specification or alternatively perform an oil service and full service, alternating yearly. We feel the Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 services do not differ sufficiently in price to warrant compromising your vehicle's efficiency and reliability by undertaking the lower Inspection 1 service. On all these services we will reset your indicator to show when the next service is due.