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We like to think that we can look after your Mercedes-Benz in a cost-effective manner without any loss of quality in our service. We have been catering for Mercedes cars since the beginning and we see many unusual cars as well as the popular saloon, estate and sports models. This can all be done without any loss of manufacturer warranty and we service many customer vehicles from new.


Servicing on later Mercedes vehicles is generally flexible with an active service indicator showing which service is due. Referring to the Mercedes schedule will determine the work to be carried out. On flexible interval servicing your car may cover only a low mileage over a long period and the indicator will display based on time. Or if you cover a greater mileage over a shorter period the indicator will display based on mileage. The Mercedes schedule is a good schedule to follow and we generally adhere to this manufacturer specification. We have noted however that some of the latest vehicles will cover higher mileages before the service indicator displays. In these cases we may advise you of additional filters that although inexpensive, we feel will increase the efficiency and longevity of your engine.

Older Models

On older vehicles with fixed interval servicing we generally follow the manufacturer schedule. This usually consists of alternating between an oil service one year, and a full service the following, with some vehicles additionally having spark plugs changed every 4 years. We recognise that some owners will run their classic Mercedes as a fairer-weather weekend car, and therefore cover very few miles in a year. In these cases we will tailor-make a service annually to the vehicle's needs, keeping ownership cost-effective without loss of reliability.