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Since our very beginning in 1973 we have catered for the Porsche owner, from the oldest classics through to the supercars of today. We have a passion for the marque and what the car stands for, which is the finest German engineering. We recognise that the car may be the owner's pride and joy and each vehicle is treated with the greatest respect whilst in our care. As one of our customers you will not be made to feel like a number and will benefit from our experience, knowledge and extremely competitive pricing. We also understand that ownership can be expensive, and we can usually find ways of prioritising required work to help spread the cost of running such a vehicle.

The Modern Porsche

We are able to service the latest Porsche vehicles to manufacturer schedules without any loss of warranty and to a standard which we believe surpasses dealer service. We have current diagnostic equipment and software specifically for the latest vehicles.

Older Porsche

Older vehicles built prior to 1993 require specialist attention to keep them in the peak of performance. We offer everything from engine and gearbox rebuilds through to comprehensive servicing. As these cars are highly specialised they are very labour-intensive to service and maintain correctly but we find we can still do this at a cost-effective price.


There are many different types of service package available for the modern Porsche. We often hear from customers that they have previously been offered seemingly low-cost service packages that transpire to consist only of an oil and filter change. In our view this is not a proper service. We offer a competitively priced minor maintenance service which consists of a safety check, oil and filter change and in some cases a pollen filter. We can also upgrade this to an annual check which includes removing all wheels, checking over brakes and suspension and a generally more in-depth examination of the vehicle. This is suited to vehicles that typically cover lower annual mileages. Major maintenance consists of replacement of all filters (oil, air, pollen and fuel where fitted) together with removal of all wheels and an in-depth inspection as per the annual check. Additional items such as spark plugs, coolant and brake fluid are replaced on customer request or in line with the service schedule.

Servicing for Older Models

As mentioned older vehicles require specialised attention and servicing can be very labour-intensive. This is particularly true for the major service as the spark plug change and setting of valve clearances is time-consuming. As such vehicles are unlikely to be daily transport it is important for us to build up a relationship with customer and car. The enables us to tailor-make servicing to your requirements without the need for a major service every two years, which can greatly reduce the cost of running such a vehicle.

Dansk Stainless Steel Exhausts for 996 Models

In recent years we have noticed the original 996 exhaust boxes have a tendency to crack around the seams. Dansk have produced a stainless steel replacement which fits almost exactly as the original exhaust system and which provides a slightly more tuned note without being overbearing. Please enquire for advice and pricing.